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Dr. Soren B. Scott Visits FJIRSM

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Dr. Soren B. Scott from Technical University of Denmark visited Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter (FJIRSM) at the invitation of the CAS Key Laboratory of Design and Assembly of Functional Nanostructures. He delivered a presentation entitled “Fundamental Studies of Electrocatalysis for Renewable Energy Conversion” on November 2, 2019. He shared their recent research progress on the fundamental studies of electrocatalysis, where they developed techniques of coupling electrochemistry and mass spectrometry and isotope labelling for investigating the mechanisms of electrocatalysis (e.g., OER, HER, propene oxidation). Finally, he also quantified how a marginal improvement in the efficiency of oxygen evolution electrocatalysis can lower global CO2 emissions. After his presentation, he enthusiastically discussed with the researchers and students at FJIRSM. 

Dr. Soren B. Scott has a bachelor in chemistry from the University of Copenhagen (2013), and a master in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU, 2016). He recently got his PhD in professor Ib Chorkendorff’s group at DTU Physics in September 2019, and is now continuing as a post-doc. He has been collaborating with professor Wen Zhenhai’s group at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Fuzhou since spring 2018. 

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