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Research Interests

Our lab is based on research on micro- and meso-scopic structure of important application optoelectronic materials, and force on the development of synthesis, structure and properties of novel optoelectronic materials.

Main research contents:

1.Optoelectronic functional crystal and device:

Novel laser crystals , nonlinear optical crystals and devices, computational studies on optoelectronic properties of nano-sized clusters, nonlinear optics, laser system integration and engineering applications.

2.Bandgap semiconductor materials

Semiconductor physics and device, ZnO and GaN-based crystal growth

3. Nano-optoelectronic materials

Structures and physical properties of novel optical functional materials, transparent-glass & ceramic materials, photophysics&photochemistry of Rare-Earths

4.Solid transducer materials

Thermoelectric materials, solar cell optoelectronic materials, noble electrolytes and electrodes of fuel cell, including proton conductor, oxygen conductor, mixed conductor of ion and electron, Piezo-/ferroelectric solid solution ceramics with high TC

Our research interests including optoelectronic functional crystals and device ,bandgap semiconductor , nano-optoelectronic materials and solid transducer materials are set to be closed related to the Technology Innovation Base of CAS, including Information Technology Innovation Base, Advanced Energy Technology Innovation Base , Nano-advanced Manufacturing and novel materials Innovation Base .Our lab based on integration and optimization of related subject research resources will carry out high level cooperation about optoelectronic functional material basic and application research rely on Technology Innovation Base.


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