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Address from the Director

Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter (FJIRSM), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), is one of the two research organizations set up by CAS in Fujian Province. The present institute developed from the early Fujian Branch of CAS in 1960, when the branch involved six individual institutes and one laboratory. From its very beginning, FJIRSM, under the guidance of the renowned scientist Prof. LU Jiaxi, has focused on the multi-discipline researches including structural chemistry and crystal material science. Through the great efforts of several generations, FJIRSM has now gradually become one of the national comprehensive research centers on structural chemistry with it own features both at home and abroad.

The diversity of the disciplines of the early six institutes and one laboratory reflects truly the various needs of Fujian scientific development at the time. After repeated reformation and re-orientation for the development of discipline superiority and new scientific achievements, the institute now focuses on the research of structural chemistry, new technological crystal materials, applied chemistry.

Opportunity and challenge co-exist in the new century of booming knowledge economy. Under the supervision of CAS and Fujian local government, with the effort of every person at the institute, and with the support of predecessors and colleagues both at home and abroad, we are convinced to make new noteworthy contributions on basic researches, high-tech industrialization and talent cultivation if we follow the guidance of Prof. LU Jiaxi's "five double-fold integration" principle and abide by the requirement of CAS "Knowledge Innovation Project". The future of our institute will be brilliant and glorious.

Prof. CAO Rong

Director of Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter




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