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6th Cross-Strait Symposium on Rare-earth Materials Held at Xiamen


The 6th Cross-Strait Symposium on Rare-earth Materials, which was sponsored by Haixi Institutes, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths(BRIRE) and hosted by Xiamen Institute of Rare-earth Materials, Haixi Institues, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held successfully at Xiamen from March 24 to 25, 2018. More than 70 representatives participated in the symposium, including Prof. HONG Maochun, who is the academician of CAS, scholars from National Taiwan University(NTU), National Taipei University of Technology, Da-Yeh University, BRIRE and over 10 research institutes from CAS, and delegates from Formosa Association of Resource Recycling, Taiwan Rare Earths and Rare Resources Industry Alliance, Baogang Group, Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth Co.,Ltd., etc.

At the opening ceremony on March 24, Prof. CAO Rong, Director of Haixi Institutes, and Prof. ZHANG Zhihong, Deputy Director of BRIRE, made opening remarks showing a warm-hearted hospitality to all participants. On behalf of Taiwanese participants, Prof. WANG Daming from NTU also gave a speech expressing warm congratulations upon the opening of the symposium and sincere thanks to the host.

The main topic of the 6th symposium was “Clean and efficient separation and balanced utilization with high value for rare earths”. A total of 30 seminar reports were made during the symposium, including 3 plenary lectures given by Prof. HONG Maochun from Haixi Institutes, Prof. LIU Ruxi from NTU, and Prof. MA Ying from BRIRE. Participants reported their recent progress in the fields of clean and efficient separation of rare earths, rare-earth photoelectric functional materials, rare-earth magnetic materials, preparation and application of rare-earth metal with high purity, recycling of rare-earth resources and application of rare-earth materials on environmental governance. Participants have carried out hot discussion on the researches of clean and efficient separation of rare earths and recycling of rare-earth resources.

The symposium has served as a good platform for the cross-strait experts and scholars engaged in the research and development of rare-earth materials, and promoted understanding and friendship between cross-strait institutions.


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