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Prof. Tomoyuki Akutagawa et al. Visit FJIRSM17-06-07

Prof. ZHANG Jianwei Visits XMIREM17-05-27

Prof. John TS Irvine Visits FJIRSM17-05-26

Prof. Tomohiro Yokozek Visits FJIRSM17-05-26

Prof. Masaaki Abe Visits FJIRSM17-05-23

Prof. LIN Zhihuai Visits QIEM17-05-12

Prof. Vivian W.-W. Yam Visits FJIRSM17-04-26

Prof. Armido Studer Visits FJIRSM17-04-26

Prof. YAO Xiangdong Visits FJIRSM17-03-29

Prof.Jose Rodriguez Visits FJIRSM17-03-29

Prof. Ing. Stanislav Zvánovec Visits FJIRSM17-03-29

Prof. Dominic Wright Visits FJIRSM16-12-27

Dr. Jae-ha Myung Visits FJIRSM16-12-15

Prof. Kiyoyuki Terakura Visits FJIRSM16-11-30

5th CJSCGT Held at FJIRSM16-11-28

Prof. Kazu Suenaga Visits FJIRSM16-11-24

Prof. LIU Guokui Visits FJIRSM16-11-22

Prof. Yung-Fu Chen Visits FJIRSM16-11-17

Prof. Curtis Marcott Visits FJIRSM16-11-04

Prof. Myung-Hwan Whangbo Visits FJIRSM16-10-09

Prof. John TS Irvine Visits FJIRSM16-09-05

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