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Prof. Ib Chorkendorff Visits FJIRSM19-11-13

Dr. Soren B. Scott Visits FJIRSM19-11-06

Prof. Makoto Fujita Visits FJIRSM19-10-09

Prof. Ivan P. Parkin Visits FJIRSM19-10-09

Prof. Ru-Shi Liu Visits FJIRSM19-09-11

Prof. Valentin Petrov Visits FJIRSM19-08-23

Prof. David A. Leigh Visits FJIRSM19-07-25

Prof. Stefan Matile Visits FJIRSM19-07-10

Prof. JIANG Donglin Visits FJIRSM19-07-03

Prof. Magda Titirici Visits FJIRSM19-06-28

5th International Symposium on Predictive Control of Electrical...19-06-11

Prof. Xavier Mateos Visits FJIRSM19-05-31

Prof. Sebastian Sprick Visits FJIRSM19-05-31

Prof. Arthur Mar Visits FJIRSM19-05-22

Prof. Christof Woell Visits FJIRSM19-05-15

Memorandum of Understanding Signed between FJIRSM and MUG in Xi...19-05-07

2019 International Symposium on Radical Chemistry Held in Fuzhou19-05-07

Prof. GUO Zhengxiao Visits FJIRSM19-02-26

Prof. FENG Xinliang Visits FJIRSM18-12-13

Prof. LI Chaojun Visits FJIRSM18-12-12

Prof. LIN Chengtian Visits FJIRSM18-12-12

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