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Dr. HONG Haiping Visits FJIRSM



Dr. HONG Haiping from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA, visited Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter (FJIRSM)at the invitation of the State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry and delivered a seminar report entitled “Nano particles in greases with enhanced electrical and thermal properties” on September 25th, 2018. He carried out deep discussion with the research staff at FJIRSM.

Dr. HONG Haiping received his Ph.D in Materials from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel in 1998. He worked as a research scientist at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology from 2003 to present, from level I to level IV. Current, he acts as special assistant to President of VRC Metal systems for china business. Before joining the school of mines, he worked as research scientist (engineer) in the Silicon Valley startup companies Sipix & Litrex. Dr. HONG has more than twenty five years of research experience with carbon nanomaterials, polymer composite, organic light emitting diodes, and self-assembly techniques. During the last ten years, he has focused on carbon nano material related applications such as polymer composite, grease, coolant, lubricant, battery, biofuel, biodiesel, renewable energy, etc. and underground related germanium crystal growth using the Czochralski method. Dr. HONG has been awarded eleven US patents, with four pending, and two in draft. He has published more than 120 papers in peer reviewed journals, and 6 book chapters He also has given 49 oral presentations at national and international conferences. His papers have been cited more than 3150 times according to the google scholar. He is editor of Journal of Nanofluids, guest editors for Journal of Nanofluids & Journal of Nanomaterials special issues.

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