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Prof. Ivan P. Parkin Visits FJIRSM



Prof. Ivan P. Parkin from University College London(UCL), UK, visited Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter (FJIRSM) on September 19th, 2019. During his stay at FJIRSM, Prof. Ivan P. Parkin delivered a speech entitled “Adventures in materials science from surfaces to application” and carried out detailed discussion with researchers at FJIRSM. 

Prof. Ivan P. Parkin received his Ph.D from Imperial College London in 1989. He was promoted to be a professor in 2000 at UCL and employed as Dean of Mathematical & Physical Science Faculty at UCL in 2016. Prof. Ivan P. Parkin’s group focused on the development of new routes to inorganic materials and the discovery of new phased and polymer. His work has involved developing research areas: self-cleaning glass, capture sensors, antimicrobial coating, miniaturized ultrasound probe and superhydrophobic coating. To date, he has already achieved more than 600 peer-reviewed publications, including high-impact journals such as Science, Nat. Mater., Nature Photonics, JACS, Nat. Commun. and Adv. Mater. etc.. 

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