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Brief Introduction

The properties of an optoelectronic material are determined by its composition and structure. On the molecular, atomic and nanometer scales, a penetrating study might be conducted on the material’s composition and structure so as to regulate or bring its properties into control by making its structure to change. Based on this approach, new optoelectronic materials are to be designed and prepared, reducing the course to develop or renovate the material, exploring new methods and new technology compatible with the related chemical synthesis and preparation. It is of important significance for us to adopt such an approach to develop the optoelectronic materials as it can obtain independent patented rights from the very beginning.

The lab has received more than 100 R&D projects entrusted by national or provincial authorities and enterprises, achieving a lot of innovative results. So far, it has been honored by a second-grade prize from National Awards for Natural Sciences, seven prizes from the Fujian Provincial S&T Awards, a special prize conferred by Fujian Province’s S&T Conference and a first-grade prize bestowed by the China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association. The lab scientists have contributed more than 500 research papers to some prestigious disciplinary journals of the world today, such as J. Am. Chem. etc. Also, they succeeded in applying for some 120 patented rights and obtaining 50 intellectual properties.

So far, the lab has sealed a variety of partnerships with about a score of universities and research institutions both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, it has launched projects of joint research or professional exchange with more than 20 countries or regions across the world, including the US, Russia, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Holland, etc. In addition, it has been invited to make some 10 lectures or reports at international symposia.


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