Open Positions for PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers
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Open Positions for PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers


Prof. Shuiquan Deng’s group aims at exploring the relationships between multi-scale structure and functionality by using theoretical approaches. It is now actively recruiting highly-qualified PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers interested in one or more of the following directions:

        Mechanisms for heterogeneous catalytic reactions (First-principle and/or Molecular Dynamics approaches)

        Novel magnetic and/or electrical transport properties for solids or molecules (First-principle or model approaches)

        Mechanical and/or thermal properties for structures at or above nano-length scale, dynamics of defects (model or finite element approaches)

        New method for structure determination of strongly disordered systems( Rietveld-like method, molecule dynamics, structure optimization)

PhD students should ideally:

        Have a strong interest in doing theoretical researches

        Have relatively good knowledge for computer language such as Fortran, C, C++ etc.

        Enjoy working collaboratively in a group

        Possess fluent written and spoken English skills

Postdoctoral candidates should ideally:

        Have good knowledge for the interested subjects and the relevant theoretical methods

        Be experienced in using Fortran, C or C++ or other scripting languages

        Have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit

        Possess fluent written and spoken English skills

        A publication record in top academic journals.

Interested applicant should e-mail an application with the following materials (as PDF attachments) to Prof. Shuiquan Deng, (; Address: Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, CAS, No.155 Yangqiao Road West, Gulou District, Fuzhou, 350002, China). using the subject line: "Application-SDeng":

        CV, including detailed educational and work experience, and any information relevant to the position.

        Bachelor and Master grades transcripts (for PhD students)

        Master Thesis (for PhD students)

        Publication list and (1-5) copies of representative research papers

        Short Research Mission Statement

        At least two letters of reference (Please ask your referees to email their letters directly to Prof. Shuiquan Deng).

To be accepted by the FJIRSM administration, PhD students must have a master's degree or equivalent from a reputed institution.


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