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Recruitment of Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Fellows


Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter(FJIRSM), a renowned research institute founded by the famous scientist, educator and academician LU Jiaxi in 1960, is the A-level branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) in Fujian Province. The Institute is an influential, comprehensive research base in structural chemistry and new crystal materials. Taking the advantages of structural chemistry and optoelectronic crystal materials, FJIRSM is leading and driving the development of relevant sciences, such as new energy, new material, laser technology, advanced manufacture, power engineering, etc. Currently, it boasts a lot of national and provincial platforms of research and development, including 1 state key laboratory, 1 national engineering laboratory, 3 CAS key laboratories, 5 key laboratories or engineering technology research centers of Fujian Province, and also cultivates a score of hi-tech enterprises like CASTECH Inc.(listed-company), Tongliao GEM Chemical Co., Ltd., Fujian Chuangxin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., and so on. Since its establishment, FJIRSM has recorded 230 major achievements in basic research, high-tech innovation or project industrialization.

In June 2010, CAS, Fujian Provincial Government and Fuzhou Municipality jointly initiated to construct Haixi Institutes , CAS. With the complete construction of Haixi Institutes in May 2015, it currently has five divisions: Institute of Structure of Matter, Institute of Material Engineering, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing, Institute of Rare-earth Material, and Institute of Equipment Manufacturing.

Haixi Institutes sincerely invite outstanding applicants to join us with the support from Haixi outstanding postdoctoral research fellow program.

 A. Areas of recruitment

Structural Chemistry, Cluster Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Surface Structural Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Catalytic Chemistry, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Nano-materials, Inorganic Solid State Materials, Functional Crystals, Polymer Materials, Electronic Information Materials, Photovoltaic Materials, Ceramic Materials, Storage Battery Materials, Non-ferrous Metals Ceramic Materials, Laser Physics, Semiconductor Lighting, and Material Chemistry or Physics

        B. Basic requirement of admission

1. Consciously adhere to China’s laws and regulations;

2. Excellent educational background, with excellent academic performance or application prospect, and great potential for further development;

3. Under 35 years old with a PhD degree, graduated within 3 years;

4. The applicants, who engage in basic research or applied basic research, are supposed to publish high-level articles as the first author. The applicants, who engage in applied research or engineering technology, are supposed to have outstanding ability on applied technology development, key engineering techniques solution, or independent development equipment, and also provide relevant proving materials;

5. Healthy and medically eligible to the research position.

       C. Benefits and policy support

1. High salary: 200,000-250,000 Yuan RMB (before tax) per year;

2. Spacious research building and well-equipped research facilities;

3. Postdoctoral apartments with perfect supporting facilities for accommodation;

       D. Application requirements

Applicants should email their application documents to the contact person. The application documents should be sorted into four attachments:

1. Application form

2. C.V.

3. Scanned files which can prove applicants’ required qualifications (PDF file format, including certificates and diplomas, research achievements such as articles, patents etc., awards and others).

4. Recommendation letters of two experts (One is from your doctoral supervisor, and the other is your postdoctoral co-supervisor).

       E. Contact us:

Ms. Liya Wang, Human Resources Department, FJIRSM

Email: lywang@fjirsm.ac.cn,


Address155 Yangqiao Road West, Fuzhou, 350002, China




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