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Academic committee

Director of the Academic Advisory Committee:

 Prof. Mao-chun Hong, academician of CAS, FJIRSM., CAS

Assistant Director of the Academic Advisory Committee:

 Prof. Xin-tao Wu, academician of CAS, FJIRSM., CAS

Academic Advisory Committee Member:
 Prof. Lan-sun Zheng Xiamen Univ., academician of CAS
 Prof. Xian-zhi Fu Fuzhou Univ.
 Prof. Chang-jian Lin Xiamen Univ.
 Prof. Jun-qian Li Fuzhou Univ.
 Prof. Zhao-xiong Xie Xiamen Univ.
 Prof. Bing-huan Hu Fujian normal Univ.
 Prof. Weng-dan Cheng FJIRSM., CAS
 Prof. Rong Cao FJIRSM., CAS
 Prof. Yuan-gen Yao FJIRSM., CAS
 Prof. Can-zhong Lu FJIRSM., CAS
 Prof. Yuan-sheng Wang FJIRSM., CAS


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