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Brief Introduction

The founding of Fujian Key (Engineering) Laboratory of Nanomaterials was approved by Fujian Provincial Department of Science & Technology and Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2006.

In order to accommodate the demands of the country and the requirements of the development of cutting-edge discipline, and to accord with the “focus of task, the overall follow-up, major breakthroughs” guidelines, our researches are focused on the basic nature and methods of the nano materials and devices as well as nano technology and applications, with the purposes of achieving breakthroughs in key technologies and integration, making our own intellectual property rights, fostering and promoting the formation of nano-industry.

Fujian Key (Engineering) Laboratory of Nanomaterials relies on FJIRSM, which attracts the talents, and makes uses of technology and equipments and other resources of nano-materials research in Fujian Province for the purpose of setting it up as joint laboratory of Fujian Province and CAS. The laboratory carries out cooperation and exchanges with other organizations to improve innovative capability and nano-industry development.


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