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Brief Introduction

State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry, previously Fuzhou Laboratory of Structural Chemistry, was established by Prof. Jia-Xi Lu (academician of CAS) in 1985, and was one of the first open laboratories in China. The Laboratory was upgraded to a state key laboratory by State Development Planning Commission in February, 1992. In October 1994, the lab was formally proved to be a state key laboratory.

An advisory committee is in charge of the research directions of the laboratory. The committee is consisted of 19 prominent experts) in the structural chemistry field, including 11 CAS academicians. Prof. Xin-tao Wu, an academician of CAS, is currently the director of the committee. Prof. Rong Cao is the current director of the laboratory. The laboratory has 46 staff members, including 31 professors.

The mission of the laboratory is to promote interdisciplinary research, including experimental and theoretical research, chemistry and physics/biology, structural and functional research, static and kinetic research, as well as basic and applied research. The research of the laboratory focuses on the modern structural chemistry methods and its applications in the discovery of new functional materials and novel chemical compounds. Other research areas include the studies of molecular and electronic structures of the novel chemical compounds, and the studies of structure-function relationship. The goal of the laboratory is to maintain its forefront position in the basic research of structural chemistry in China, and to become the primary open platform of research and innovation in this field.

In the nation-wide evaluation of the state key laboratories during 1995, 1999, 2004 and 2009, this laboratory was highly appraised for its great achievements in the areas of scientific research, attraction to prominent scientists, services as a open platform to scientists in other part of the country, and academic collaboration and exchange. From these achievements, the laboratory was enrolled into the Knowledge Innovation Pilot Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1999.


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