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Researchers Develop New Surface Treatment Strategy for Mn4+-Dop...19-02-20

Three-Site Alivolent Substitution Developed for New NLO Materials19-01-07

Researchers Reveal Difference between Enamines and Tautomerizab...19-01-03

Self-supporting Metal-organic Framework Nanocomposite Electrode...19-01-02

Researchers Reveal Interconvertible Vanadium-seamed Hexameric P...18-12-05

Atomic Response Theory Developed on the Origin of Nonlinear Opt...18-11-12

Efficient Removal of Radioactive Ions Realized by Two New Radia...18-11-09

New Intelligent Quantum Dot Assemblies Contribute to Efficient ...18-11-01

Anomalous Photovoltaic Effect Found in a Centrosymmetric Vanada...18-10-30

Scientists Achieve Transition from Class II-III to Class III Mi...18-10-25

Researchers Develop Metal-Free Fluorine-Doped Carbon Nanomateri...18-10-23

A New Functionalized Covalent Organic Framework Material to Dir...18-10-09

Scientists Develop New Generation of Deep-ultraviolet Nonlinear...18-07-17

An Ultra-Robust HOF Constructed for Synergistic Chemo-Photodyna...18-07-04

New Molecular Ferroelectric with Record-fast Switching of Spont...18-06-27

Researchers Design First Lead/Tin Fluorooxoborates with Widely ...18-06-21

Tumor-triggered Photodynamic Therapy Using Pentalysine-phthaloc...18-06-20

Two-dimensional Multi-layered Hybrid Perovskite Constructed wit...18-06-19

Near-infrared-triggered Nano-photosensitizer to Cure Deep-tissu...18-06-13

Two Hybrid Nanoclusters of Noble-metal and Titanium Oxide Displ...18-06-12

Scientists Design New Two-dimensional Perovskite Ferroelectrics...18-06-12

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